Our vision is to offer customers the best possible training through our unique skills camps. Our main focus is your education and development. We also strive to increase general understanding of how to reach every individuals highest level. The inspiration we offer gives each individual a unique opportunity to take steps for their personal development. Of course, everyone develops in different ways and at a different pace but we will teach you what you need to work on to eventually become a better hockey player. You will put in the work on and off the ice and we will provide you the right instructions and guide you in the right direction along the way. With 365 hockey skills, you can participate in our skills camps where you can pick a topic that works for you and what you want to work on. After our camps, you will have an increased inspiration and more ways to practice that make you better – if YOU put in the time! If you want to be successful, you will have to put in the time and make the most of it. Set long-term goals and work harder then the person next to you, there are no shortcuts to success. We will guide you in your training, diet and sleep management. In addition to what we do on the ice, we often have theory sessions that contain many of the components required to be more successful. We will discuss how important it is with sleep, planning, setting goals (long and short-term), diet, fitness training, studying the game of hockey, school, individual training, recovery and much more.

Have you found your role on the ice yet? Are you a defenseman, forward or goalkeeper? We focus on specialized roles at our camps, for example forward or defenseman skills. There is a big difference between a defensemans role in the corner to win their battle against a forward and the forward’s role in the same position to win their battle over the defenseman. By developing specific qualities in different situations, you stand out as a player at all levels, which is why we believe in specialization for every individual. No one can be the best at everything, everyone has to find their own strengths. It is better to master a draw at the face-off dot if you are a centerman or a move at top speed, rather than making five half-drawn draws or a move that rarely works. What you do instinctively, without thinking, is your best player qualities. As you know, hockey is one of the fastest sports in the world where you usually do not have time to think. If you learn to act on instinct, you get an advantage over your opponent. Over the years, we have learned what the coaches are looking for, both on and off the ice, together we help you pick out your strongest qualities.

Our professional trainers work all year round with individual & individual-based training. We are the best at what we do!



  • Hosted by: Michael "Honken" Holmqvist, Victor Björkung & many more.....
    • May 2022
    • Stora Mossen
    • Pick your theme, minimum booking are 2 hours ice
    • Price are 650sek for 50min sessions per player
      Schedule Saturday May 28th:
    08:00 Backar FULLBOKAD
    09:00 Backar äldre (Platser kvar)
    10:00 Forwards  (Platser kvar)
    11:00 Powerskate FULLBOKAD
    12:00 Forwards äldre (Platser kvar)
      Schedule Sunday May 29th
    08:00 Skott FULLBOKAD
    09:00 Backar äldre (Platser kvar)
    10:00 Forwards yngre (Platser kvar)
    11:00 FULLBOKAD
    12:00 Forwards äldre (Platser kvar)
  • Get the COMPLETE athlete testing solution.

      About Sporttesting Sport Testing Inc. has been a leading provider of sport specific player testing and a developer of athletic assessment technologies since its inception. We deliver professional and superior athlete analysis using our distinguished equipment for the most accurate and consistent results. Combined with world-class technologies, like our Sport Gate and Sport ID hardware which are completely engineered and designed in-house, athletes and coaches are able to reflect on essential skills going forward. Along with our data capture tools including Sport Hub and Athlete Manager, our solution is capable of managing tasks for a variety of drills associated to a wide array of activities. Sport Testing’s standardized tests allows operators the flexibility to use our predetermined test protocols or to create your own tests for your own requirements. With efficient data and connectivity tools, players and coaches are able to work closely towards accomplishing goals and developing careers at every level. Our professional event management allows for smooth and efficient testing that strives for excellence by providing state-of-the-art services for our clients. Use it for research, identifying talent, measuring performance and more. Now you can deliver meaningful metrics to your athletes faster and easier than ever. Build better teams, help athletes improve and get the winning edge with Sport Testing.

    Sport Gate™

    Take your training and testing to the next level with the most reliable , easy-to-use timing gates on the market. Rugged, rechargeable, wireless Sport Gates™ use Sport ID™ scanning and Core Capture™ technology to ensure swift processing and trusted, standardized measurement that eliminates hand breaks.

    Deliver incredibly accurate real-time results across sport. Field tested by leading sport authorities, professional teams and amateur testing sessions of all sizes, Sport Gates™ are the essential measurement hardware that integrates seamlessly with Sport Testing’s unique live and online reporting. Flexible test and drill creation makes innovation easy. Real-time processing provides instant feedback. Quick Sport Gate™ set up and automated test station management with any tablet or smartphone and your onsite Sport Hub™ makes combines time and cost effective so you can deliver the benefits of sport-specific, standardized benchmarking to athletes, coaches, trainers and scouts.

    Sport ID™

    Sport ID™ is essential automated athlete identification that integrates with Sport Hub™. Use it to efficiently and accurately process up to thousands of athletes in a single day of testing.

    Sport ID includes:
    • Rechargeable, wireless RFID scanner
    • Rubberized, reusable RFID bands
    • USB RFID scanner for PC (to assign a unique RFID number to each athlete)

    Athletes scan in at each test station. The system immediately identifies the athlete and his/her test result is automatically recorded. Set it and forget it simplicity allows coaches to add automated testing stations to training sessions – without need for supervision. Instant ID allows real-time scoreboards to enhance motivation. Pre-assign Sport ID bands using athlete manager before the combine or use Sport Hub to activate a Sport ID band for a walk-up athlete, just minutes before a test session.

    Test so you know how you can be the best. Testing clearly identifies strengths and weaknesses so athletes and coaches can adjust training and competition schedules accordingly using unbiased data, not guesswork.  
    • State of the Art Equipment
    • Sport Specific Testing
    • Nationwide Locations
    • Gain a Competitive Advatage
    • Know Where You Stand

    Athlete Manager™

    Athlete Manager™ is the software solution that helps you to easily organize, record, and analyses athletic test information for research, training, and performance evaluations. Your secure online account gives you 24/7 access to Global Standard testing, custom test creation, athlete and event management and a variety of useful reports for yourself, coaches and athletes.

    User-friendly test creation and data tools put you at the cutting-edge of athlete evaluations. Athlete Manager™ syncs with Sport Hub™ for the seamless reporting and monitoring solution that will save you many hours of managing your data, while delivering powerful analytics tools and easy one-stop access to your growing database.

    Athlete Lounge

    Every athlete you test will be given a free online private player’s account. With a push of a button after a combine, you can send results to the entire list of participating athletes through automated logins that grant them exclusive access to their password protected account.

    Athlete Lounge gives your athletes the ability to:
    • Review their results
    • Upload stats and game video
    • Compare themselves to peers, pros and against their own athletic test results over time
    • connect with other athletes

    Athletes will also receive free access to the Sporttesting mobile app

    Next testing: Sunday May 1st, Time: 10:00, Place: Stora Mossen, Bromma Price: 1st test: 1500sek , 2 tests: 2800sek, 3 tests 3900sek   When you place your order in this shop you will get an inital invoice by email with the amount in SEK. You can pay with: Swish, Bankgiro or Bank Transfer. More information about payments and terms. If you have any questions, please contact: 070-979 77 77
  • For players born 2007-2012 Dates: July 2023 PLAYER PACKAGE
    • Hotel in Toronto 9 nights
    • Breakfast, lunch and snacks every day
    • 4 days camp. 12 hours on ice and about 3 hours of theory
    • Tournament with a minimum of 5 matches
    • Exhibition game
    • Team Jersey - Customized reversible Jerseys for each player
    • Daily "shuttle" to the arena
    • 365 Giveaway
    • Experienced elite instructors
    • Opening dinner for everyone
    • Visits to Hockey Hall of Fame & Blue Jays Baseball game.
    Flights and dinner are not included. Option to visit CN Tower, extra charge applied. All players who go on this tour without parents live in rooms for up to 4 people. Player sibling discount is applied with 3000sek. Children under age 7, are free of charge in hotelroom with family When you place your order in this shop you will get an inital invoice by email with the amount of 5 000 SEK. You can pay with: Swish, Bankgiro or Bank Transfer. NOTE Your total sign up order are 100% refundable on till December 31st 2021. This applies to everyone in the same booking nbr. After that booking terms below are applied. More information about payments and terms. If you have any questions, please contact: 070-979 77 77
  • Special group training for special needs on how you develop your skills in special areas. We are putting together small groups of maximum 8 players. We always provide you with the right skills coach for your needs. Contact if you interested and we will put you in a group in that special training you looking for.