For me, 365 Hockey Development & Tours is a dream and idea that started with my own children. Both of them playing sports growing up and one becoming a professionel icehockey player and is still active today. I wanted to share my knowledge and ideas in the best way possible for people to take part of. To guide players and their families through their everyday life with school, sports and social life. We will provide you with the tools, to achive your goals.

You can decide how you want to train with us, individually, in Skillscamps or private sessions with the best instructors for each area of the game. We will help you with everything we can, by conveying all the knowledge and experience that our 35 years in ice hockey have given us, both as active professional players and active instructors.

The game of hockey is about so much more than “just” training and living “your” dream. It is about friendship, socializing, competition, setting goals, your diet, sleep/rest, gaining knowledge/experience about how your body (including your inner “engine”) works and experiences that the player can, in the right way, benefit from the rest of your adult life.

We want to be part of your journey, support you with your short and long-term goals and during that journey, provide you with all the possible tools needed to make your own dreams come true!

Welcome to 365 Hockey Development,
Michael Björkung,
Founder & owner

“Michael Björkung is a source of inspiration and has in a developing way influenced Ludwig in a positive direction. We have followed each other since 2007, at hockey tournaments in Finland, Russia, Sweden, Canada and most to the USA. Michael, not only possesses great hockey skills, but is also driven, competent and educational, always with a twinkle in his eye. It must be fun to play hockey and that is something Michael conveys to 200% ”

Mats Blomstrand (father of Ludwig Blomstrand, Södertälje SK)
“A combination of hard work, a lot of joy and good advisors is behind my success as a hockey player. Most important for my success is the support I had from my parents and others who continuously helped me. Playing games at the elite level, new challenges are my drive! Michael has been a great support in my mental development. “
Pontus Åberg, KHL
“The tours and hockey camps that Michael organized have really been professional, good coaching staff and players, it has really been a big part of Christian and Robert’s hockey development, and of course as a parent I have had wonderful hockey memories that I have with me all my life. I can really recommend this organization if you want to make wonderful friends & wonderful hockey memories, good luck. ”
Peter Hägg (father of Christan Hägg, Mariestand BoIS and Robert Hägg, Philadelphia Flyers)

”Michael was very early a big support in several ways in my development. What I got to experience on our tours and trainingcamps made me understand early on the importance of getting to be a better hockeyplayer. Accuracy, attitude and taking care of oneself are a prerequisite for playing at a highest level”

Victor Rask, Minnesota Wild
“Michael has been an important role model for me as a young person and still is today. Thanks to his help and coaching, managing me do be able to compete and train against players at a very highest level at an early age, was both educational and very fun! The tours we made together gave me fantastic memories, contacts & knowledge that shaped me into the person and athlete I am today. ”
Stefan Steen, Karlskoga

“I have been traveling with Michael for almost 10 years, both with and without my two boys, William and Victor. The overall impression, it`s always very well managed and carefully planned. The children is getting motivation and good training in tough competition, but at the same time always had a lot of fun, which I think is the most important thing. Team spirit and good behavior have been as important as the accuracy of the ice and the physique. ”

Christan ”Fimpen” Eklund, Former player SHL