Do you find it difficult to combine your everyday life with training, school and leisure? Are you thinking about choosing a hockey high school, college/university or are you looking for advice for playing in other leagues around the world?
Yes, these questions can be and are difficult for each player to decide. It can also be about nerves before games, decisive selections or training arrangements. Whatever the reasons may be, our job is to listen, to help gather all the thoughts and reflections to find solutions that work, not only for the player but also for all other family members.

365 Hockey IDP – Individual Development Plan In our first meetings with players, we do it together with the parent/parents, begin our dialogue by going through the player’s expectations and goals to produce an “individual development plan”. We do a so-called self-assessment which we assess together. Based on this, the primary areas in the player’s development journey are discussed, identifying an action plan to work on in your everyday life with the player’s coach in the club team. We evaluate and follow up each meeting through a number of different tools, for example video analyzes. We go through the expectations you should have regarding our mentoring work. The most important thing is always the player’s own “engine/motor”, we say that it is the will/the inner “engine” that is the key for your own success.



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